We love our planet

We work by environmental conscious design and manufacturing. Our pieces are designed to withstand the test of time, trends and seasons and last for many many years to come. We aim to limit the number of collections we have a year in the hopes to slow down the rush of fast fashion and limit our carbon footprint. We are in the works of offsetting our carbon footprint and are excited for that to be in full swing soon.

Plastic free packaging: We will be using the local plastic free packaging solution, Mielie Mailer's compostable & reusable satchel. These are made with 100% plant materials and are delivered with a carbon negative solution. Fore more info on this you can click here.

The protective plastic sleeve your bikini is wrapped in is biodegradable but as it is reusable, we urge you to take it with you on your beach and pool days rather. Our thank you card and tissue paper used for packaging is fully recyclable.